Kibbeh Trays & Bites

(available in Large & Medium)

Traditional Kibbeh

Kibbeh bi Zeit

Kibbeh with Shanklish

Fish Kibbeh with Red Peppers

Pumpkin Kibbeh (available in Gluten Free)

Kibbeh with Onions & Pine Nuts

Kibbeh with Labneh

Fish Kibbeh with Onions & Nuts

Kibbeh with Hummus

Quinoa Kibbeh - Gluten Free

Kibbeh Zghertewiyeh

Zghertewiyeh with Fat

Zghertewiyeh with Beef & Pine Nuts

Zghertewiyeh with Butter


Plain Kibbeh Bites

Pumpkin Kibbeh Bites

Zghertewiyeh with Fat

Stuffed Quinoa Kibbeh Tray

Stuffed Kibbeh Bites

Stuffed Quinoa Kibbeh Bites

Zghertewiyeh with Beef & Nuts

Stuffed Kibbeh Tray

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