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Meet Your Next Door Kibbeh Expert


The smell of food being cooked mixed with the fresh breeze from open windows in her hometown Zgharta, was always a magical moment for YOUMNA! Having a skillful cook in her family to learn kitchen secrets from, her grandmother, she counted herself blessed. Growing up with a legacy of hearty kitchen recalls, she developed a passion not only for the art of cooking but also for the traditional authentic Lebanese cuisine. 

As days went by, YOUMNA moved to the city, started a family and got stuck in ruts at work until she realized it’s time to follow her passion. She had a dream of preserving her grandma’s recipes for as long as possible. Being passionate about it and having enough persistence and professionalism, YOUMNA dug deep into these delicious recipes to find the one she was famous for, the traditional “Kibbeh Zghertewiyeh”.  

Using her granny’s experience and an assortment of local and well picked ingredients, YOUMNA created traditional authentic recipes with a twist to satisfy those who desire its original taste and those who seek a fusion cuisine of old and new.  

If you like the kind of food that nourishes, delights, brings back enchanting memories without unnecessary flash, then you have found the right place.

Catering & Events


Whether you’re hosting a lunch, throwing a dinner party or celebrating an intimate occasion, Youmna’s offers you and your guests the most exquisite Lebanese Kibbeh dishes in the best mouthwatering presentation you have ever imagined.


Food safety and quality is our top priority, from ingredient sourcing, to food handling and transportation.

" No Lebanese party is complete, without Kibbeh bites.” 

- Youmna -


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